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This first edition of the Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum is about “Managing Integrity Effectively”, about those ways that can help organisations secure trust and reputation from all ethics and compliance risks. The recent international and national scandals affecting the business sector emphasize the fact that a lot of companies declare they are tackling corruption, fraud, irresponsible management practices, unhealthy risk taking and many unethical behaviours like discrimination, abuse and disregard of labour rights, but they fail to mitigate those risks effectively. It is not only a matter of policies and procedure, but a matter of values and ethical culture. The 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum is a space of mutual learning, where best practices in integrity management are discussed by local and international professionals.

At the same time, this first edition is about people, about building a community of Ethics & Compliance professionals in Romania. Our aim is to establish a network of Romanian relevant professionals that can, in time, strengthen the Romanian representation at the European Ethics & Compliance Association and develop a local occupational standard and a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

The 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum is a 1-day event comprising 4 plenary sessions. Each of these 4 sessions will host 3 speakers, experts in their field of specialization. All speakers will present a 20-minutes case study or a subject highly significant for a larger segment of business environment or for various types of organisations. (NB: Case studies are not one and the same with business cases or business/company presentations.)

The 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum is being organized by the Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics, in partnership with SDG | Strategic Dynamics Group, and the European Ethics & Compliance Association. This event is a preamble to 1st edition of the European Ethics & Compliance Forum, which will take place between November 10-11, 2016, in Bucharest, Romania.

Forum Agenda | February 11, 2016

08.30.–09.00.   Registration & Welcome Coffee
10.30.–10.45.   Coffee Break
12.15.–13.30.   Networking Lunch
15.00.–15.15.   Coffee Break
16.45.–17.15.   CONCLUDING REMARKS


The final conference agenda in a more comprehensive view can be found here.