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Accreditation of Media Representatives

Media representatives are welcomed to our event. Access is based on a special registration process, which will close 7 days before the event. This registration process will provide an individual conference accreditation. Anyone interested in this accreditation should use the form at the right of this text.

Given the fact that there is a limited number of seats available for media representatives, filling this form does not guarantee accreditation. The accreditation will be offered based on the FCFS principle (“first-come, first-served”). Accreditation will be received via e-mail.

If you cannot be present at the event, but you received an accreditation, we ask you to let us know via e-mail (recf@etica-aplicata.ro) in order to reallocate the seat.

The media partners of the 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum do not have to request accreditation.

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